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  1. Do not get Impedance confused with DCR (measured at rest with amp off). Impedance graph means this- Actual impedance at time of use at ANY given frequency at 100% output or higher(above 0.5% THD and/or with clipping) Not suggested to wire below 0.7ohm DCR. Actual in-play impedance should average out to a steady reading at or above 1.4ohms. (typical for dynamic music).
  2. I am International Tech Support Advisor for Taramp's. Sorry, i only speak English so i will try and make my intended statements as readable as possible. Taramp's Operating Parameters for the T14.2K- Power Supply- 10.5-15v Operating Range LOADED- 10.8v-13.2v Impedance suggested wiring- =/> 0.7ohms DCR Do not mount to speaker box or wall. "Operating Range Loaded"- Taramp's amplifiers are not designed to operate to 100% and beyond output within the range of the Power Supply. For the T series, after 13.2v and to 15v, this voltage range is reserved for Power Supplies only or other charging systems (like alternators) that will NOT allow the amplifier to reach 100% output in this voltage range. We have a very detailed chart of how to operate T series but it's all in English. If you do not care, i can post it here.
  3. У нас есть множество торговых марок в США. Мы, однако, импорт\фондовых торговых марок, не от наших типичных. Торговые марки нам выбрать запасе, нового для нас и может помочь им, что дает им большую экспозицию в США. Каждый бренд мы не находится в стране. Мы не были политически предвзятый о том, кто у нас на складе есть потому, что мы вместе работать, с тем чтобы более эффективно влиять на car audio сообщества. We have plenty of brands in the USA to choose from. We, however, import\stock brands not from our typical market. The brands we choose to stock are new to the US and can help them GROW, giving them more exposure in the US. Every brand we stock is out of the country. We are not politically biased on who we stock because we all work together to better influence the car audio community.
  4. We are looking for reviews, opinions, anything on Alphard Sound Technology from the country most popular with their sales... which is Russia. We may be interested in distributing them and like to do research on them on many levels.
  5. Hehe. Very hard at this point.. I am large distributor for one company who is vendor on here already. I do like what i see from Alphard including their Neo driver.
  6. Во-первых, я не говорю по-русски это все, что я типа - перевод с английского на русский. Я находится в США. Я на протяжении всей жизни отзывы Марджан безопасных технологий истории, поддержка клиентов, конкурентов, награды они могут выиграть, инновации, чтобы их продукты, каких-либо прямых конкурентов? Вы можете что-нибудь. Мы всегда предлагаем русский и английский перевод в нашей должности, если только он не является необходимым. English- First off, i do not speak Russian so everything i type is translated from English to Russian. I am located in the USA. I am looking for lifelong feedback of Alphard Sound Technology history, customer support, competitor support, awards they may have won, innovation to their products, any direct competition? Anything you can think of. We will always offer Russian and English translations in our posts unless it is not necessary.
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