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Продам новые ВЧ Vifa OEM






По характеристикам как BC25SC06-04, только без корпуса.



Brand Vifa

Nominal Impedance(ohms) 4

Power Handling RMS(Watts) 50

Power handling Peak(Watts) 100

Usable Frequency Range(Hz) 1.6-20K

Sensitivity(dB) 87.9

Sheilded Magnet Yes

Voice Coil Diameter 1

Coil Former ASV

Magnet Composition NdFeB

Cone/Dome Composition Cloth

Surround Composition Cloth

Net Weight 0.2

Shipping Weight 0.4


Thiele & Small Parameters

Resonant Frequency(fs) 1400

DC Resistance(Re) 3

Coil Inductance(Le) 0.02

Mechanical Q(Qms) 4.07

Electromagnetic Q(Qes) 1.83

Total Q(Qts) 1.26

Compliance Equiv Vol(Vas) .003L

Mechanical Compliance(Cms)(Vd) 43um/N

BL Product(BL) 2.1

Moving Mass(MMs) .3g

Surface Area of Cone(Sd) 6.9 cm2

Mounting Information

Overall Diameter 1.625

Magnet Diameter 1.25

Depth 1.125



1000 руб./пара


для связи:


8 910 730 96 32


фанеры много не бывает

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